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Is Abantu a Canadian store?

Is there a 'physical' 'brick & mortar' Abantu retail store?

Can I call and talk to Abantu staff by phone?

Can I call Abantu long distance and reverse the charges?

Is Abantu hiring and are jobs advertised?

How old is Abantu?

Abantu Store Policy

Does Abantu's website display prices in Canadian or US currency?

Can I pay online using PayPal?

Can I pay online with a Credit Card?

Can I return hair product to Abantu?

Is there a ‘Restocking Fee’ on returned product?

Can I return hair product I have worn or ‘tried on’?

My purchase arrived in damaged condition. Can I return it?

My purchase is damaged. Can I return it?

The wrong item was shipped. How do I return it?

Shopping Guide


Does Abantu offer free shipping?

Does Abantu ship across Canada?

Does Abantu ship to international locations?

Will I be charged additional customs duties on international orders?

Gift Cards and Coupons

Does Abantu offer Gift Cards?

Help for Novice Shoppers

I’m a first-time hair buyer. Where can I get help?

What is the difference between Remy and Remi hair?

What is the difference between Human, Virgin and Remy hair?

Are synthetic extensions easier to care for than human extensions?

How long will hair extensions last?

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