Abantu preps the popcorn bowls to celebrate 25 years of impact on Hollywood

In 2018 the corn will indeed be popping for Abantu's unsung achievements you'll never hear about at the Academy Awards. From deep behind the scenes we've made our mark at the very top of the industry... on the heads of countless actors and especially actresses who've razzle-dazzled audiences on both big and small screens for over two decades. We've never personally won a Best-Supporting Role Oscar but if you scroll our growing archive of movie jackets you'd be forgiven for demanding "Why not?" We've had a part in some truly awesome movies and TV shows including many produced on the streets of our native Vancouver.

Abantu will likely never get our own stamp on Hollywood Blvd, but our extensions, wigs and hairpieces have earned theirs on the shoulders, napes and crowns of hundreds, possibly thousands of up and comers, extras without lines, zombies without brains, and most definitely a few of the brightest stars out there in Makebelieveland. Have a browse through our titles and you'll find the blockbusters, the sleepers, the rays of hope and sunshine, the deep social commentaries, action, more action (note how those extensions are holding their curl while hanging upside down from a spaceship) and all the horror and weirdness so popular with the kids these days!

We've done it all... vicariously. Now get yourself down to the last DVD rental store on Earth (hang a right somewhere around Thailand) and relive some of the greatest hairdos in film.

Abantu's box office hits


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