Welcome to our bold new online style. We think you're going to love it and we'd enjoy your comments

We love Spring and Summer for its grander sense of rejuvenation that meets every ray of sunshine. The dull and mundane of Winter is replaced with life, colour and style in abundance. Flowers are bursting, fancy cars are cruising the Kingsway and fancy people are filling clubs, cafes and parties about town. This is in all its glory, the season of Great Hair Days… and we’re ready for you!

Abantu's been reinventing much during the ‘off-season’ and today we’d like you to enjoy the fruits of our passion for serving up Summer's best hair products to our shoppers across Vancouver and way beyond. We’ve rebuilt our website with renewed zest and style, and greater functionality for you. We’ve put more great hair collections on your crown; more filters at your fingertips; and we’re integrating more services to ensure your visit is as rewarding as possible, whether you’re here to buy, browse or learn something about creating and maintaining beautiful extensions, wigs and hairpieces. For our growing list of Subscribers there’s even more unique benefits built in to our restyled website and promotions including random draws, contests and exclusive sales, so we always encourage you to sign-up and get active.

Abantu's evolving to meet your needs and preferences and believe we’re on the long silky street of success in that regard. Please do comment below or drop us an email if you have some thoughts about our new look and feel, and where you’d like to take us from here.
As always, the most sincere thanks for your patronage, from our Abantu family of real people.

Mark Okoth

Abantu Owner, Manager
The Source For Hair Since 1993

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