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A tired old adage predating the internet suggests the only consistency in life is change.

Such has never been more true in social media as the cascade of politics, policies, AI architecture and the tools at our fingertips simply never stops. We woke up only months ago for instance to discover our Pinterest Pinning ways had been supplanted by the Save. Even more recently we've all been asked to tackle the Tries! We're trying to manage your real hair needs over here, never mind the ever-shifting social media matrix!

InstagramThat said we're 'trying' to improve our game and we'd love some FEEDBACK regarding what you like, what you'd like to see and what inspires you to interact. We post regular product updates to Abantu's Instagram page and we have every intention of forever feeding the stream of stuff you love, or will love once you try it!

PinterestPinterest affords us more opportunity for more elaborate offerings and we do hope you've found our pins profiling Style, Colour, Self-Help, History sort of! and much more. We're confident we're getting better building more content you care about and a kudo or two from you (or a hair-curling critique) will go a long, silky way in shaping what we build for you tomorrow.

How do you feel about collaborating on a board? We're throwing some stuff around the boardroom table we think our subscribers would really have fun with. So again please, let us know what you think, what you love, what you save, what you're missing and what you can no longer live without and respect yourself in the morning.

Please do join us on the platform of your choice and consider also joining our family of Abantu Subscribers where we can treat you to more stuff you'll love including, possibly, Pinterest collaboration, if only because you're Board!



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