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Time may rob hair of vivid colour but every learned woman knows life's magic is painted not in broad strokes of black and white but rather subtle shades of grey. Abantu's GLORIOUS GREYS collection demonstrates vividly that time can't rob you of style. From over the shoulder drama to refined and beautiful bobs, Abantu can help you find the confidence to explore your right to glow in glorious greys.
Styles feature one or more grey options. Select a swatch to find only styles in that specific colour.

Estetica Designs R34Estetica Designs R37Estetica Designs R38Estetica Designs R44Estetica Designs R51Estetica Designs R51LF60Estetica Designs R51TEstetica Designs R56/22HEstetica Designs R56/60Estetica Designs R56Estetica Designs R56TEstetica Designs R59TEstetica Designs R60Estetica Designs R344LFS8Tony of Beverly 34Tony of Beverly 36Tony of Beverly 38Tony of Beverly 38S60BTony of Beverly 39Tony of Beverly 44Bobbi Boss 44Tony of Beverly 44S60Tony of Beverly 48Tony of Beverly 48/101Tony of Beverly 48S60Tony of Beverly 51Bobbi Boss 51Tony of Beverly 51S60Tony of Beverly 56Tony of Beverly 56/44Tony of Beverly 56/51Tony of Beverly 56/51/54Tony of Beverly 56S60Tony of Beverly 59Tony of Beverly 60Bobbi Boss 60WTony of Beverly 101Tony of Beverly 102Bobbi Boss 280Bobbi Boss 280ATony of Beverly MinxTony of Beverly Rooted IcingTony of Beverly SilverstoneTony of Beverly T-PlatinumBobbi Boss White Pearl