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Extensions Length Selector

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One million years BCFarrah re-endorses RacquelDespite over 5,000 years of scissors there remains a preference for long hair on our women if not our men. The fact that early snips looked more like pipe cutters may have deterred customers at Mesopotamian salons, yet not even the crafty Roman forerunner of the modern scissors made an impact on the empire’s stylish masses. Long hair was here to stay, just as Raquel predicted around one million years BC, and Farrah Fawcett re-endorsed in the 1970’s. So millennia later men have been hardwired to love women with long locks, and women have toiled night and day to ensure their locks are the longest and most luscious of all. Such has been the game since the beginning of time, even after modern pivoting scissors took hold around the end of the Dark Ages when everyone starting clipping their enormous bangs and the world could see again!

"Ah no thanks, I think I'll let it grow"This isn’t to say that the short-cropped Bob, Pixie and Page don’t have their merits. We needed them if only to counter the big-hair pop rock bands of the 80’s. Short styles have their awesome moments too but nothing screams ‘WOMAN IN THE HOUSE’ like acres of flowing follicles cascading over shoulders and chest announcing amidst blasts of window light dancing on silky smooth waves, “I am in the game.” Yes indeed, men have been trained to believe long hair is nature’s calling card, for women who want to be called on! Should you be painting the town tonight hoping to work Darwin's natural selection angle, first check out our collections here online, or visit us instore. We can certainly find the perfect length of hair for you. What you do with it is your business. :)

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