Ethos Hand-tied Silky Straight
The straightest and smoothest texture of all Bohyme® styles. As soft as silk thread, it perfectly reflects the light and shines like gloss. Great for silky sleek straight looks, easy to maintain and take care of. Does not require any styling to keep them looking beautiful, but can be easily styled into waves.

Bohyme® Ethos® features ashy
and platinum tones unique to this collection. All colors were created based on requests from hair professionals around the world. The Ethos® color ring consist 38 different colors, which provides seamless color matching. The wide range of colors were made possible due to the high grade Remi® hair quality used and the gentle
 40 day extended color bath.

Product Info:
Weight (Grams): 110g - 114g
Texture: Fine / Medium
Available Lengths: • 14”: 10 Bundles • 18”: 8 Bundles Weft Length (1x Piece): 10” - 12”
Typical Duration: 9-12 months

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Mary Michelle  Horvath Giannas

Mary Michelle Horvath Giannas

I need
3packs of machine weft 18-20 inch hair. Machine Weft
Plus’s on
How much o had cancer lost my hair

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