A brief history of Abantu - The Source for Hair since 1993

On an adventurous day in early 1993, a mother’s efforts to meet the special hair needs of her two Ugandan-born daughters led to the creation of a family-owned business that, over two decades on, now meets the hair needs and desires of thousands of daughters and mothers of all creeds and colours. Abantu has grown with the times from Vancouver store to store (settled now on Kingsway) and the welcome addition of a full-featured ecommerce website. We offer every significant hair product imaginable, from the original weaves and braids so popular with Birgit Okoth’s daughters and an entire Afro-Canadian community, to fusion, wefted, taped and clip-in hair extensions, hairpieces, toppers, falls, hundreds of innovative wigs. And of course the most popular and trusted hair-care products and accessories to maintain those beautiful waves and curls.
Abantu has adapted considerably since the hair revolution at the turn of the century, when attitudes and product development made extensions and wigs commonplace to women of all walks of life. We provide products to hundreds of North American salons, and the thriving BC film and movie industry in addition to a wonderful cross-section of everyday Vancouverites who walk into our bright and spacious showroom.
It hasn’t been easy making Abantu work over the years. A shifting populace, product trends and failing economies dictate much of what Abantu can provide at prices to meet every budget, but still we carry a mother’s dream as both a founding philosophy and a path for tomorrow, and no matter where the next decade leads, Abantu will never forget its roots.