How back-country beauties avoid unsightly camping head while actually camping

As every woman with a superb head of hair eventually learns, camping is not your friend! Camping is your adversary, and a formidable one at that. All that sun dappling through gorgeous forest settings bordering miles of hot sandy beaches washed by warm, fresh water... sounds like a nightmare!!!

So enough of the camping horror stories already – It's time to go Glamping and live the dream instead. Take the week off, pack the tent and the inflatable floating palace, and load up on maintenance essentials formulated to provide you the greatest protection and week-long manageability possible for your tight curls or flowing waves. Together we can make camping glamorous again!


If you can't wash your hair, or simply can't find the time while looking fabulous floating down the river, cut through camping grease fast with a name-brand, quality ingredient, dry shampoo.


Abantu Loop Detangle BrushSleeping with a head of sand, leaves, assorted bugs and marshmallow will ruin your next great hair day even before you wake at 6am in a rainshower desperate to pee. Trust seasoned BC glampers who know a solid brush or comb is your closest friend out there in the backwoods. At night without fail, brush your natural locks with a quality brush or comb made for natural hair. If extensions are your secret weapon you'll need to pack a loop detangling brush to tease out the mosquitos.


Nothing screams Glamping into the dead of night quite like a luxurious Satin Pillow or Satin Sleep Cap. Either with have you waking and out of your sleeping bag looking the model of instant perfection, ready to strut that jetty to the inflatable floating palace like it's Milan darling, or Paris, New York, doesn't matter where 'cause where is wherever you are, swirling your 24" in the crisp morning breeze at the trio of scowling plaid, bandanna-wearing feminists in the next campsite. "Yes indeed," you smile back, giving a flick that catches the dappling light almost halo-like around your mane, "yes indeed this is exactly how Barbi feels in the morning", as you pour yourself some breakfast.


African Pride Braid Sheen SprayIt's not easy out there on the glamping front lines, looking awesome and having fun all at the same time. We're here to help and shield your beautiful braids from the drawbacks of outdoor downtime, with product specifically designed for braided hair including Anti-itch Scalp Oil and Braid Sheen Spray.


Tony of Beverly Swirly HairpieceTony of Beverly Swirly HairpieceAlways a great option likely to keep your hair out of the firepit (that's a bad hair day), is the Tony of Beverly Swirly Hairpiece that offers voluptuous volume in a messy bun or, wangle some hair donuts for the perfectly prim ballerina bun. Although it's true both options are not entirely glamorous, the three plaid bandanna wearing feminists next door are more likely to share their tofu hotdogs with you. Hopefully you brought the dog.



Women with superb hair will remind us that such marvels come at a price... diligence among them. It's hard work maintaining 26 inches of silky straight even with the conveniences of civilization at our doorstep, but out there, in the mountains and forests, the lakes and rivers, running with the wolf packs, catching rabbits for toilet paper, fishing with your bare teeth, can all take its toll on an already daunting daily task of managing your beautiful, flowing follicles.

Enter the wig. Awesomely pre-styled. Surprisingly well-fitting, comfortable and able to endure a rigorous round of beach volleyball. Synthetics are in abundance of quality and modest prices. Arguably some are nice enough yet cheap enough to warrant bringing two or more. C'mon, you're on vacation living the glamping dream remember. Be a long, wavy blond on the beach for your boyfriend... okay everyone's boyfriend. A sassy shoulder-length shag brunette around the campsite to wit and charm your closest friends. And of course a red-headed pixie cut if you visit the feminists. The choice is truly endless and in 30 seconds or less your hair is clean and brushed and tucked away inside that wig until you kill the last earwig in your tent, kill the light and let you real hair hit that satin pillow you love so much.


Show us your tried and tested Glamping techniques

If you're out there now or soon to be, take a moment to ship us a pic of your Glamping tip, presumably on your head at the time. Please don't take a selphy on the edge of a river gorge or with that bear cub you just found all by itself. Send us something with a little description and we'll pass on your Glamping gameplan for Abantu's family to admire.
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Hi, this feminist has a glorious 24” weave, looks fantastic, goes camping and then comes back to the city and studies Ancient Greek and Latin translation. Women can look glam while being competent and smart as hell. I do everything and I support other women living their best lives, no matter what they wear or how they style their hair. Some shit just doesn’t matter. I am deeoly sorry if you feel that women compete with you and scowl at you. My girls are all supportive of me and my goals and I hope you find some good friends. Xoxo, Claire

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