Micro Beads Tool & Supplies

Abantu carries both the hair as well as every tool you'll ever need for any micro bead installation! 🙌 Pictured above are placement discs for creating perfect sections, threaders, as well as crochet hooks to feed hair through the micro beads, pliers for installing and removing micro beads, and a selection of micro beads in multiple shades with and without silicone! 👏 Abantu also carries several maintenance products needed to take care of micro bead extensions and staff are always happy to offer expert advice to both clients and stylists who may be new to the micro bead methods! 🤗 All of these products as well as the perfect hair for all types of extensions are available to purchase at Abantu, 3596 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC or online at www. Abantu .com!

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