How can I adjust the size of my wig to fit my perfectly unique head properly?

Abantu Gurus respond...

Most modern wigs are fully adjustable to fit a range of head sizes via a collection of built-in hooks and notches

Positioned at the nape of the wig's neck are two hooks for adjusting 'tightness'.  Adjust by simply latching the nape hooks into notches along the back of the wig. Use the outermost notches for larger heads, the middle notches for medium–small heads and the inner most notches for very small head sizes. Some wigs may use velcro instead of hooks however, adjustment techniques remain the same.

If you find that your wig is still slipping after adjustments you may consider a wig designed for petite sizes or, if feeling crafty you can sew weave clips into the inner sides of the wig for added security. 

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