Bohyme Ethos Extensions available from Abantu to your favourite salon

 Bohyme Ethos is the unparalleled combination of humanities-based resourcing and meticulous production techniques. Ethos extensions are superb in either Body Wave, Silky Straight or Seamless varieties, and available in 42 wonderfully natural colours. Exclusively retailed by Abantu, Bohyme Ethos is available only to salons/stylists registered with Abantu.
Bohyme Ethos Exclusive Retailer
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BOHYME strives to ensure that every person involved in the process are treated with respect, fair wages and healthy working environments.

BOHYME is committed to protecting the environment from the more harmful aspects of hair production and is always reinvesting in measurable actions to combat harmful side effects.

BOHYME products are created using traditional techniques over machinery. hair is ethically sourced and treated with organic, natural compounds.

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As the originators of 100% Remi hair, Bohyme collections ensure that every strand is full and voluminous from root to tip and sourced from only healthy, all-natural human hair. Bohyme has always pushed the boundaries in the hair industry including Remi (aka. Remy), which is now an industry standard for high quality human hair with cuticles intact and aligned in the same direction. The benefits of using Bohyme Remi include:

  •  less tangling
  • minimal shedding and matting
  • less breakage
  • less dryness
  • pure color tones and blends
When cuticles are intact dyes are capable of penetrating the cuticle, medulla, and cortex to reach not just the surface, but the core. This results in pure colours that are unachievable with lower grade hair.