Estetica Designs Lace Front Wigs

by Mark Okoth October 01, 2020 1 Comment

Estetica Designs Lace Front Wigs

Estetica Designs are no strangers to beautiful wig styles and innovative design. They have the perfect combination of affordable synthetic fibers and luxurious lace-front construction. Available in dozens of natural colours.
Our Naturalle Collection is a collection of virtually invisible front lace wigs that do not require any tape or glue. It doesn't get easier than that. The lace contours to your forehead and, with a simple application of foundation, disappears giving you a beautiful, natural looking hairline. Different cap constructions offer endless styling possibilities. From lace part to monofilament top to 100% hand-tied back, there is a wig that is sure to match your needs. Feel beautiful and look beautiful.

Click here to see the Estetica Designs Lace Front Wig Collection.

Estetica Designs Lace Front Wig Cap Construction

Mark Okoth
Mark Okoth


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