Lace Release: The Best Way to Remove Lace Front Wigs

2 Reasons to Use Lace Release on Your Client’s Lace Front Wigs

  1. Reduces risk of damaging delicate hair systems
  2. Speeds up cleanup

How Lace Release Lowers Chance of Damaging Fragile Hair Systems

A comfy fit and lifelike appearance make mesh-based hair systems a popular choice for many of your clients. But mesh – whether full lace, lace front, or monofilament – also makes these popular wigs delicate and expensive. This combo adds a lot of pressure.

Case in point, “oops,” is the last thing you want to say to a client. (And the last thing a client wants to hear for that matter.) To help you avoid such scenarios, we created Lace Release to remove fragile units and to remove the stress involved.

In a removal, different steps threaten a lace or monofilament wig: the crucial moment of lifting the unit off the client’s head, and the inevitable wear from cleaning out the unit’s leftover residue. Lace Release makes both steps simpler and safer.

It detaches the bond holding the wig to skin, allowing you to gently lift the unit without stretching or tearing it. And, Lace Release’s alcohol-based formula releases the hair system by keeping most of the adhesive on the scalp. This leaves very little residue, if any, in the wig to clean up, which minimizes risk of damage.

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