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The hair industry has come a long way since the days of reliance on the hair aftermarket to offer colour options to treat your favourite extensions or hairpieces, even full wigs. Across all our top brands, across all hair types, colour is now often your last concern. There are natural variations of blondes and brunettes in the hundreds, flaming reds, riveting raven blacks and in recent years, an abundance of beautifully blended colours, graduating balayage, rooted and tipped, almost everything under the sun. If natural is not your scene and you'd rather wear blue or pink, purple or OMG green, we've still got you covered.

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Viewing ANY colour on a digital screen or any printed surface may be vastly different to how it may look in the bright light of day (and certainly your cell phone or dirty desktop). When was the last time you cleaned your screen?! Point being, in-person viewing of colours is the best possible way to judge the critical nuances between shades and tints and blends, and synthetic and human fibres.

However, Abantu is always striving to bring you the largest, highest-quality colour swatches available online. Suppliers are often a bit lacking in making such available so at Abantu we often create swatches instore to improve the status quo of plenty. We do apologize for those existing swatches that don't meet Abantu's standards, nor yours.

Bohyme Colour Ring featuring 63 human-hair colours from the Gold CollectionThe Bohyme Hair Colour Ring

A salon favourite featuring 64 colour 'swatches' matching Bohyme's Gold Collection of human-hair extensions. If you can't make it to the store, don't trust your monitor and need to see it to believe it, the Colour Ring is for you. Of course it's also perfect for anyone who likes to change it up often or, as with stylists, to both show clients and reference for ordering.

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Although variations of colours exist not just across brands but also with fibre types and brand 'collections' you can rely on a somewhat universal numbering system to get you in the right genre, be that blacks, browns, blondes, reds, greys or blended/graduated mixed colours. Number combinations (eg. 613/27) are your guide to blended colours. Colours prefixed (eg. R or OM) indicate graduated colouring of different kinds from root to tip.

Named colours (eg. Caramel Kiss, Minx) are open to interpretation unfortunately and only provide consistency within a brand. One woman's Mocha is another's Butterscotch! Abantu will use numbers wherever possible but even then, it's not always clear as daylight what H27/BL613 is all about!  Please do call our staff if you have questions:  1.800.615.9899

Blondes across brands...

 Bobbi Boss #613 BlondeBohyme #613 BlondeEstetica Designs #613 BlondeFashion Source #613 BlondeHair Couture #613 BlondeMane Concept #613 BlondeTony of Beverly #613 Blonde

These three collections are defined by colour. All wig styles featured in each collection include at least one Grey, Vibrant or Surreal variation. We feature two dozen shades of grey. Our vibrant colours are natural but with more brilliance and striking contrast. Our surreal selection include bold and vivid tints and blends you won't find naturally.

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