Find your face shapeSeven primary face shapesYour natural face shape speaks volumes about which styles will balance, complement and enhance you, and which won't. A great stylist is a portrait artist framing your face by contrasting opposites, making wide look taller, thin look fuller, and sharper look softer. So let's begin by getting a mirror and having a good look at you. Seven face shapes below offer the key features plus more detailed style info and a dedicated collection featuring many, but not all suitable wigs from our store selection. Although backed by science these style guide rules were made to be broken! If you want to top an oblong face with a 12-inch high mohawk, you go girl!


From the top first look at your 1) forehead, then 2) cheekbones, then 3) jawline and 4) the length of your face. Is your forehead narrow, slimmer than your cheeks? Are your cheeks full and your face round, or does a wide chin paint a squarer picture? Are you are heart or diamond kinda girl? With seven basic faces at play you may fall between shapes, eg, oval/triangle/heart), which could make your face so beautifully unique and adaptable you could make a floor mop look sexy!

Diamond face shapeA priceless face shape much like the heart-shaped face but with a narrower forehead and chin and beautiful high, prominent cheekbones. The diamond-shaped face's biggest flaw is that it can be mistaken for the endearing heart-shaped face! — Just add a little extra forehead width and a wider, softer chin. Your hair style choices are all about ways to draw length and especially volume to fill the angles either above or below the cheeks, and creating a rounder appearance. Use cascading curls and waves below the shoulder to really cut a dramatic balance. Perfect styles for diamond-shaped faces Heart face shapeIf you're looking at soft, wide cheekbones and an equally-wide forehead, with a cheek-to-chin taper crafted like a fine silver tablespoon, then you have the instantly lovable heart-shaped face. The slender jawline topped by cheekbones as wide as the forehead create many of the styling trends used to compliment the Diamond or Triangular face. But with the Heart-shaped face the cheeks-to-chin ration is fuller and not so much work is required to create volume at the jawline. Although you can pull off an edgy, tousled Pixie you might favour shoulder-length or longer styles and long sideswept bangsPerfect styles for heart-shaped faces Oval face shapeOval face shapes are likely one of the, if not the most common face shapes and yet, the differences between Ovals, Oblongs and Rectangles are sometimes so subtle that defining the quintessential oval is easier said than done. We know for sure your face will be longer than it is wide, with softer cheekbones and a rounded jaw not as wide as your hairline. The marvellous thing about Oval faces is they are so naturally well-balanced you rarely have to play the compensation game you might with other face shapes. Almost any great style is going to work including cascading length both straight or wavy, pretty little pixies, bangs, sideparts, ponytails and shags. The longest of oval faces may benefit from parts and fringes and sideswept styles.  Perfect styles for Oval-shaped faces Rectangle face shapeArguably a rectangular face is more like a stretched square than a squared off oval! Like the square, forehead, cheeks and jaw are often the same width, and yet like the oval, the cheeks and forehead are high and the chin may be slightly more rounded. Like all face shapes with less curve and more harder angles, the key is to balance your face with softer styles, layers, volume and bounce, often to create a wider appearance. Avoid top-heavy pixies and buns and focus on styles that fill your cheeks and chin. Perfect styles for Rectangle-shaped faces Round face shapeIf your face is as wide as it is tall you may be staring at near perfect symmetry, which will prove undeniably attractive to 98% of humanity. Children and small pets will want to cuddle you. Your chin is soft as are your cheekbones, both free of sharper angles and you may have a more youthful appearance to many.  To balance an already balanced round face one should focus on top-heavy shorter styles including shags, pixies and bobs or, centre parts for drawing the visual to the middle, as will longer, softer or whispy bangs. Length in waves work wonders and even a lob can compliment with drama. The intent with all styles is to either increase the vertical or draw the eye to the vertical centre, not the horizontal centre.

Perfect styles for Round-shaped faces Square face shapeWith a classic square-face the forehead, cheek and jaw are the same width and curves are few and far between. The signature wide jaw is likely your most striking facial feature. Square-faced girls were made for shoulder-length styles, long bangs, curly page-boys below the jawline, and top-heavy pixies with texture and air. The chief aim being to create volume and length with layers, that softens your square with a hint of oval, and not to add volume specifically to the sides.  

Perfect styles for Square-shaped faces Triangle face shapeOtherwise known as Pear-shaped, the Triangle is an endearing combination of a narrow forehead, full cheeks and wide jaw, often more rounded than square. Usually Job 1 is to balance the wider jawline with volume and width above the cheeks to the crown. Almost any top-heavy style can work wonders with layers and texture. Bangs and sideswept styles can add drama exactly where you need it.  

Perfect styles for triangle-shaped faces